tom mothafucking waits

Hey :^)

 Name: Lisa!
Age: 27
Location: Alberta, Canada
Due Date: Jan 23
Is this your first, second, third etc pregnancy?: a subsequent pregnancy, third child!
Sex of your baby: I strongly believe he will be born male.
Pregnancy Symptoms:  Super sick to my stomach, without actually having the relief of throwing up and extremely tired.  Randy as hell.
Any worries, concerns, helpful links you'd like to share:  Not yet, I enjoy this blog:
A bit about yourself / family:  I was planning on going unassisted again, for this birth however, I have had a change of heart and will be birthing at home, in water; with a midwife.  My other kin are (almost) six and 3.  I am lucky to not have to be working right now; and when I am not tired and in dire need of a nap, I enjoy yoga.
What is your favourite thing about being pregnant?:  How amazing nature smells and how incredibly delicious flavours of my favourite foods are.
tom mothafucking waits

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I decided to create this community after not being able to find one specifically for January due dates.

I look forward to commiserating with you all about our pregnancies as the membership grows.

Until then, congratulations on discovering you are pregnant! 
What a great way to kick off the new 2012 year.